What business do we do?

This is a comparision website meant for loans of different types. Here we compare for instance payday loans and business loans. You can also compare and apply for credit cards. Here you can also read about loans and economics both for individuals and for business. Our interest is to give you information to select a lender that fits you. Different loans has different properties and requirements, so depending on who you are, the best loan might not be the same for somebody else.

The owner behind this website get a small commission (i.e. 5 %) on each loan. This commision is nothing that has no impact on your loan such an extra fee or anything like that. The owners goal with this website is to promote you with valueable and unbiased information, data an options about great loans from very well known lenders. You can both learn about loans as well as compare and apply for them.

Here is 5 reasons to avoid traditional banking!

  • Faster payouts
  • Easier to get approved
  • No need of security

This Swdish website has been translated and customized for UK as well. Other countries may follow in the future…